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The Solar industry has seen massive growth since the last decade, and it continues to evolve and advance as technology grows. Although solar energy applications are quite different from oil and gas applications, rubber seals are still needed to be durable and strong to face the toughest of conditions.

In solar applications, the rubber seals are usually exposed to different levels of heat, pressure, torque, and cold that challenge the stability of the seals. Also, solar energy applications can end up creating unique types of wear and tear. Sensitive components need to be sealed from prolonged exposure to debris and dust. These components also need to handle extreme sunlight and harsh weather.

With many hurdles and demands to overcome in the solar industry, here is what you need to know about rubber seals for solar applications.

1) Material Selection is Critical

In solar applications, rubber seals are often exposed to extreme environmental conditions. To ensure the rubber seals function to their full potential, it is crucial to select the right material.

Harkesh Rubber offers a variety of rubber sealing materials that offer great heat resistance, such as:

  • Viton®️ with a temperature resistance of -20° C to +200° C (+250° C)
  • Silicone with a temperature resistance of -60° C to +200° C
  • AFLAS® with a temperature resistance of -10° C to +250° C

You can view the compatibility, properties, advantages, limitations of these rubber compounds and check out a wide array of rubber materials in Harkesh Rubber’s Materials section.

2) Rubber Seals Must Withstand Weathering

Solar energy applications require various capabilities from rubber seals. For instance, in windy regions, seals must possess the ability to withstand exposure to harsh conditions such as dust, wind erosions, rain, hail, and snow. So for windy regions, Silicone is often preferred since it provides good protection from extreme winds. For regions having hot temperatures, Viton®️ is an ideal option since it can withstand extreme heat.

3) Different Seal Types have Specific Capabilities

Rubber gaskets, composite seals, and o-rings are utilized extensively in the renewable energy industry. For instance, o-rings of different materials, hardness, and sizes are used to seal solar components against harsh environments. Harkesh Rubber has a large inventory of different seal types in the industry, and we have the expertise to provide superior performance for your solar applications.

We hope you have gained some valuable insights from this blog. If you are looking for high-quality durable sealing materials for your solar applications, then get in touch with us today.

At Harkesh Rubber, we design seals of various shapes and sizes. We offer an extensive range of molded rubber products that are ideally suited for the solar industry. With your designs and specifications, we can customize the rubber products to meet your exact needs, regardless of the design complexity.

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