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Harkesh Rubber holds a strong repute at production of custom rubber gaskets to cover all the sealing needs. Gaskets form an integral component of any solution which requires the confinement of a gas or liquid. Our company earned a testimony through delivery demonstration for one or the client’s by restoring problems with their OE systems of heat exchange.

Case The customer had more than nine Heat Exchangers, all of which were due for replacement of their gaskets. Harkesh was successfully able to develop all the nine Heat Exchanger Gaskets within a span of just two months. This resulted significant cost savings and regained faster stability than expected.

The largest gasket was of the size 345mm x 1594mm.

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    Rubber Gaskets provide an effective barrier between two stationary parts to form a static seal. They are designed to form an essential part of a sealed system that requires the confinement of a gas or liquid.

    Our Expertise:

    At Harkesh Rubber, we create each Gasket with precise engineering to deliver high-performance sealing solutions to our customers. We provide numerous material options for durable sealing across a wide range of gases, fluids, pressures, and temperatures found in various static sealing applications.

    Common Applications:

    • Pans and covers
    • Air intakes
    • Transmissions
    • Cooling systems
    • Turbo outlets
    • Compressors
    • Filtering/lubrication piping

    Salient Features:

    • High-temperature resistant (Up to 315°C)
    • Minimum compression set
    • Impact shock resistant
    • Organic and inorganic chemical resistant
    • Vibration resistant
    • Infrared and UV rays resistant
    • Physical Properties-72°C to high temperature resistant up to 315 degree Celsius, Minimum compression set, resistant to impact shocks, vibration, radiation, Corona-Ozone, Infra Red, Ultra Violet rays. Chemical Properties Produces rubber gaskets to withstand the resistant destructive effect of most of the organic and inorganic fluids or gases in any type of application.

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