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Silicone rubber is used in a number of industrial, domestic, and hobby applications because of its versatility as a material. Silicone tubing is one such product made of silicone rubber that has a wide variety of industries including automotive, medical, and food production.

Available in a selection of different grades and structures, Silicone tubing applications are divided among three broad groups: general-purpose, medical/food grade, and high pressure. All silicone tubes however, do feature silicone’s basic characteristics of excellent thermal qualities, low toxicity, and outstanding flexibility.

Silicone tubing has diversified usage across several industrial sectors. The tubing is manufactured in a number of shapes and sizes based on different requirements. Let’s have a look at its some of its common uses:

Silicone Tube Sizes

The application of silicone tubing can depend on the size of the tubes.

  • Small tubing

Due to its thin walls and flexibility, they are used most commonly as electrical sleeving.

  • Medium Sized Tubes

Used to carry liquids and powders thereby making it popular with the pharmaceutical and food industries. These are silicone materials designed for use in applications that are hygiene critical.

  • Large silicone tubing 

Used in air ducts and dielectric applications.

Specialist Use of Silicone Tubing

Properties such as excellent thermal and flexibility qualities, make silicone tubing popular in most domestic appliances, workshop or hobby applications. The many grades of silicone tubing are formulated with compound compositions that help make the rubber completely non-toxic, tasteless and odorless, and with no tendencies to support bacteria growth.

Here is a look at the types of Silicone Tubing and its uses:

  • In the medical and food processing industries where sterile and non-reactive tubing is required, medical-grade tubing is employed.
  • Free of peroxide and ketones, Platinum Silicone Rubber tubing is ideal for use in the food, medical, dairy and vending industries. This type ensures taste is preserved and does not taint the produce it is carrying.
  • Used as a good general-purpose form of tubing, Cured Silicone Tubing can also be used with food.
  • Silicone Dairy Tubing is transparent and made to suit the dairy industry’s needs, silicone dairy tubing is used due to its transparency.
  • Used for radio-controlled models, Fuel Tubing is a form of silicone tubing that is methanol resistant.
  • Reinforced tubing is an upgrade when stronger tubing is needed.

At Harkesh Rubber we offer silicone tubing suitable for use as medical tubing, analytical instrumentation, beverage dispensing, food and dairy processing, electronic equipment, and in applications requiring extreme elasticity. To know more, contact us at

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