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With the range of different materials available for seals, choosing the right seal material can seem intimidating.  In this blog, we directly address this issue in a simple manner. Here is how you can take the help of the acronym ‘TEMP’ to choose the correct material for an application:

  1. “T”  for Temperature

Different types of seal material offer a different range in temperature,from low to high.  Below are some popular seal materials offer the following ranges (Fahrenheit):

  • EPDM (EPM) -70 to 250
  • Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)  -100 to 350
  • Nitrile (NBR)  -30 to 250
  • Silicone (VMQ)  -60 to 400
  • Fluorocarbon (FKM) -15 to 400
  1. “E” for Environment

Seals are bound to be exposed to all types of environments.For instance, if the environment involves exposure to sunlight, EPDM is a good choice.  However,  in this type of environment, you would want to avoid the use of Nitrile in direct sunlight.

  1. “M” for Media

When selecting a compound, it is crucial to consider the media that will come in contact with the seal.  For example, Nitrile is known to perform very well with oils. However, it is best to avoid natural rubber with oils.

  1. “P” for Pressure

Pressure has to be considered an important part of the equation as well. One,  consider hardness (durometer), as it may be required where there is a large gap between the mating parts in a static application or to resist extrusion in dynamic designs.

Second, compare the at-rest vs. operating conditions to get a working idea of the long-term compression set properties of a given material.  When it comes to hardness and compression set, properties will vary among the elastomers and within the family of each one as well.

When picking a seal for an application, finding the best possible sealing material is the key. Always remember, there will be variations in performance within each family of rubber materials.  Although this article doesn’t touch on 100% of the factors to consider, we hope the introduction of TEMP will give you a headstart about your selection.

At Harkesh Rubber, we have a wide range of elastomers to fit the needs of your ‘TEMP’ requirement.  In addition to the TEMP acronym, our team of application engineers have extensive experience in engineering custom solutions as per your requirements.  Email us at or give us a call +91-22-40060400 to place an inquiry.

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