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With time, industrial-grade rubber seals require time-to-time maintenance for extended shelf-life. Generally, rubber seals undergo stress through various external factors that speed up the degradation process.

Rubber seals are subjected to rigorous tension in industries like aerospace, automotive & nuclear. The deterioration of these industrial rubber items can be considerable over time. However, the right rubber maintenance techniques will increase the serviceability of certain polymer types and rubber seals.

Some rubber seals may require certain essentials, while other rubber seals may require a combination of products and techniques, depending on the circumstances and the type of rubber involved.

These are general guidelines and specific solutions might be required depending on the Polymer in use.

1)  Use appropriate packaging for storing the seals

Rubber Seals should be stored in a way where they are not exposed to direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can lead to degradation and change in the shade of coloured products.

Harkesh Rubber parts are always supplied in UV-protective packaging.

2) Ensure storage at Room temperature

On many occasions without realization, seals are stored very close to the operational workshop where the temperatures may be elevated. Even though synthetic rubbers can withstand elevated temperatures it may have a degrading effect on the seal if it is left unprotected. It is best to store the seals at room temperature or below 40 Deg C, whichever is lower.

3) Scrub and clean

Scrubbing the rubber seal will not only clean off excess dirt and improve the seals’ aesthetics, but also help in preventing future wear and tear, as dirt scrapes off the rubbers surface through constant friction. 

Heavier levels of dirt require the application of diluted bleach. After rinsing the dirt, wipe the rubber seal and allow the rubber seal to dry thoroughly. 

4) Use a rubber conditioner

Rubber conditioners are essential as they prevent the rubber seals from drying and protects it from all kinds of weather effects/influences. Apply the rubber conditioner thoroughly and wipe off the excess conditioner once the rubber seal is completely saturated.

 Harkesh Rubber has 35 years of quality experience in the rubber seal industry. Our high-performance rubber seals promise excellent durability and long life. We also offer customized solutions with innovative product development to deliver precise rubber sealing solutions.

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