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The Client is an established Control Valve Manufacturer from America.


The vendor who provided the rubber seals for the client for almost 5 decades was acquired by the competition. Since the vendor had to comply to military secrecy, they stopped sharing the information with the client regarding the base polymer, physical properties required, and other necessary details.

This put the client in a fix as they did not have the required details about the parts supplied by the vendor. They also needed to manufacture a special diaphragm to support a huge military account in the USA.


Harkesh Rubber came in contact with the valve manufacturer. Since we had the experience to meet their moulding requirement, we soon figured out the need to develop a suitable compound formulation for this application.

Once we took the feedback from the customer regarding the application and approval tests required, we determined that the compound needed to work in Aviation Turbine Fuel. After that, we selected the EPDM material for the application. We also reviewed the old material test certificates of the previous vendor and deciphered the special needs the compound would require, like the use of silicone oil and very high elongation.


With our analysis and research, we developed a special EPDM compound that was suitable for work in Aviation Turbine Fuel at high temperatures and with a work cycle in excess of 10,000 hours. We created diaphragm samples from the compound and supplied them to the client. They assembled the components and delivered them to the leading Aircraft Engine Manufacturer. Once the trials were conducted over a year, the diaphragm and the compound were approved.


The client was able to retain their account with the leading Aircraft Engine Manufacturer.

Since 1982, we have built a reliable reputation in the rubber industry on our unique solution based approach that has made us the preferred partner for critical sealing solutions. We provide high precision, cost-effective sealing solutions for technically demanding applications.

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