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Viton® is an elastomer that is a registered trademark under the brand – Chemours Comp LLC. Also known as Fluorocarbon (FKM), it is perfectly suited for critical environments that are often seen in the medical industry.

This popular high-performance rubber displays great resistance to organic solvents, chemicals, mineral oil, oxygen, hydraulic fluids, fuels, ozone, high temperatures, and aromatics.

Due to these notable characteristics, Viton® seals are quite superior to other sealing materials, making them an ideal choice for advanced sealing solutions.

To gain a proper understanding of the advantages of Viton®, let us look at the benefits that Viton® sealings offer to the medical field.

  1. Withstands High Temperatures

Viton® is known for maintaining its mechanical properties, shape, and flexibility while offering excellent high-temperature resistance. Viton® seals are designed to withstand temperatures that range from -20° C to +200° C (+250° C), making them an important feature for medical applications.

Due to its high-temperature performance, Viton® is also resistant to degradation that comes with exposure to extreme temperature environments. This makes Viton® a sturdy sealing solution for long-term applications.

  1. Excellent Chemical Resistance

In the medical industry, o-rings and medical devices often seal against harsh chemicals that ultimately eat away at most rubber materials. Viton® offers excellent resistance to these chemicals, as well as other gases and solutions commonly used in medical applications. This allows Viton® seals to remain durable in critical sealing environments. Specifically, Viton® seals are known to protect against the following substances:

Viton® seals can offer protection against the following substances:

  • Acids
  • Oils
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Glucose
  • Silicone fluids

These strong chemical resistance properties make Viton® a preferred choice for medical seals.

  1. Remains Strong Under Pressure

Viton® seals are designed to provide resistance to compression at temperatures that would make other materials brittle. This enables Viton® seals to have good performance under pressure, which is an important factor for medical applications. When under pressure, Viton® seals can also maintain their mechanical properties. Due to these reasons, Viton® is considered one of the most trusted sealing solutions that won’t crack when used for critical applications.

  1. Meets Strict FDA and Sanitary Standards

For rubber seals to be used for medical applications, they must meet stringent regulations such as:

  • ISO 10993
  • USP Class VI (USP part 8)
  • Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) Standards
  • Clean Room Standards

Unlike other elastomers, Viton® meets all the above-mentioned specifications that are needed in the medical industry. Viton® medical seals also undergo quality tests, and to avoid contamination, they are packaged in a certified cleanroom.

Let us now look at the product comparison of various Viton® types.

Low-Temperature Performance (C°) (225) (225) (225) (225) (225) (225) (225) (225) (225) (232)
High-Temperature Performance (C°) (-26) (-24) (-17) (-16) (-40) (-34) (-48) (-54) (-21) (-17)
Aqueous Fluids, Steam, Mineral Acids Not


Good Good Great Great Great Great Great Great Great
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Good Great Great Great Good Great Great Great Great Great
Automotive Fuels Oxygenated with ETOH, MEOH, MTBE Good Great Great Great Good Great Great Great Great Great
Resistance to Compression Set Great Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good
Automotive and Most Aviation Fuels Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great

We hope you have gained some valuable insights from this article. As you have learned, Viton® exhibits some phenomenal properties, making them perfect for medical applications. If you are looking to incorporate supreme quality Viton® seals for your medical applications, you can connect with our team at Harkesh for material options with specific temperature ranges.

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