A Guide to Choosing O-Rings Based on Material Makeup

O-rings are a common application in the manufacturing industry. Factors like cost, simple production, easy installation, and pressure resistance, allow wide application in common products, such as automobiles and engines. O-rings are commonly used in the aerospace industry in many types of rockets.


The diverse scope of material used in the fabrication of O-rings allows for wide application across industries. They are made from rubber, or, more specifically elastic polymers, or elastomers. These polymers are cured, often through the process of vulcanization, transforming them into stronger and highly durable elastic rubber. The material differs in terms of different properties i.e. some materials are more elastic while some are more tear resistant.


With the range of materials available, choosing the correct material as per the application can get confusing. Because of these polymers are cured, often through the process of vulcanization, transforming them into strong, durable and more elastic rubber. Keeping in mind the many efficiencies and deficiencies that can guide or influence that decision as well taking the help of designers and contractors can help make a decision, there are many efficiencies and deficiencies that can guide or influence that decision as well. Here are some of them:


  • 1. Nitrile (Buna-N)

    Temperature range:
    -65 degrees ºF – 300 degrees ºF .

    Suited for:
    Buna-N is resistant to tears and abrasive treatment.  These general purpose seal are best suited for petroleum oils, water, and some hydraulic fluids.Deficiencies: Problems can arise with automotive brake fluid, ketones, phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, and nitro and halogenated hydrocarbons. Even though it is ozone and weather resistant, this resistance is not infallible but can be supported through compounding.Applications: Nitrile works well for applications that have limited temperature and resistance requirements.


  • 2. Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR)Temperature range: -65 degrees ºF and 300 degrees ºFSuited for: Skydrol, a hydraulic fluid with a noxious smell and can irritate the skin, and its corrosive properties can be damage equipment. EPR o-rings work well with Skydrol as well as other hydraulic fluids, as well as water, silicone oils, steam brake fluids, and alcohols.Deficiencies: Like Nitrile, EPR is not foolproof for a range of applications due to wear and tear issues.Applications: EPR o-rings are used in hydraulic pumps in the aerospace industry.


  • 3. Fluorocarbon (Viton)Suited for: Fluorocarbon is an all-around material that can handle a number of applications, especially diverse sealing jobs that involve movement. It is also suited for petroleum oils, silicone fluids and gases, acids and some halogenated hydrocarbons, like carbon tetrachloride.Deficiencies: Fluorocarbon is not recommended for Skydrol, amines, esters, and ethers with low molecular weight and hot hydrofluoric acids.Applications: Fluorocarbon o-rings are very versatile, and features in many different automotive, appliance and chemical processing industries.


  • 4. NeopreneTemperature range: -65 degrees ºF and 300 degrees ºF.Suited for: Neoprene seal refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioner units, petroleum oils and mild acid resistance silicate ester lubricants.Deficiencies: Finished neoprene products are often compounded with lead-based agents, that could be hazardous to human health. Some people tend to be allergic to neoprene. It has a low resistance to petroleum lubricants and oxygen.Applications: Neoprene performs well in refrigeration units of air conditioning systems.


  • 5. PolyurethaneTemperature range: Between -65 degrees ºF – 212 degrees ºF.Suited for: Polyurethane features abrasion and extrusion resistance, as well as general toughness.Deficiencies: Applications requiring good compression and heat resistance would not be suitable for polyurethane.Applications: Polyurethane o-rings are used for applications like hydraulic fittings, cylinders and valves, pneumatic tools, and firearms.


  • 6. SiliconeTemperature range: -120 degrees ºF -450 degrees ºF, although silicone o-rings are known to withstand -175 degrees ºF during short periods of exposure.Deficiencies: Silicone means they are better suited for static applications than dynamic. They do perform well with water, steam or petroleum fluids, either.Applications: Silicone o-rings can be used in  High-temperature fuel injection ports.


  • 7. PTFETemperature range: -100 degrees ºF -500 degrees ºF.Suited for: PTFE encapsulated o-rings manage to handle surface wear well, as well as exhibiting corrosion and abrasion resistance, non-permeability, chemical inertness, and low absorption.Deficiencies: PTFE is rigid and best suited for static applications.Applications: PTFE O-ring applications include automotive steering devices and paint guns.

Valve World Expo: The Biggest Valve Industry Affair Under One Roof!

The Valve World Expo is the biggest ground to showcase and encounter the experts from the valve industries around the world. It is a one-stop shop that will assemble many great minds and act as a platform to meet proficient valve industrialists who will display their products at a large scale. It is a substantial interactive platform that focuses on individual communication. Valve World Expo brings together valve expertise from the:


● Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Chemical Industry

● Food Processing Industry

● Marine and Offshore Industry

● Water and Waste Water Management Industry

● Automotive and Machine Construction Industry

● Pharmaceutical Industry

● Power Generation Industry


The Valve World Expo is undoubtedly the most prestigious event for anyone who uses valve technology in their business.


Harkesh Rubber has been serving the valve needs for all kinds of engineering industries for the past 35 years. Our services employ a combination of well-established product mastery and ingenious engineering. What makes us idiosyncratic are the custom-made solutions we provide with optimum quality service.


We, at Harkesh Rubber, are experienced at fulfilling the technical merchandise requirements for multiple industries within strict timelines. With a reputation for excellence around the world, we have served clients in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the USA and many other countries.


We provide expert solutions for:


Rubber Diaphragms


The Rubber Diaphragm is a multifaceted tool that is used as a sealing agent between two elements. It has a huge demand in industries like power generation, aerospace, chemical and process, and more.




O-Rings have a variety of purposes in different application areas. They are used to stop the air from passing between the two ends. They are available in various metric and inch standard sizes. O-Rings are commonly used for plumbing purposes, automobile requirements, air-conditioning technology, and more.




The seal is used in rotary shaft equipment to keep dust, dirt, oil or any other contaminants out while keeping it lubricated. The sealing element, the metal case, and the spring are what form the oil seal.




We are well-renowned for the production of custom-made rubber gaskets. They are used to prevent leakage between two articles under compression. These gaskets are made to withstand and handle extreme pressure and wear.


Harkesh Rubber is proud to exhibit at Valve World Expo 2018. The event will be held from the 27th-29th November 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Make sure to visit our booth, located at Hall 4 / F22 at the venue!


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