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    Rubber Diaphragms

    Our Diaphragms are used in many industry-wide applications like Fluid Handling, Power Generation, Aerospace, Chemical & Process Industry, Irrigation, Automotive Tier, Foods & Beverage that use pumps & compressors, actuators, water reservoirs, hydro – accumulators, valves, regulators and any other such industrial components as a part of their operations value chain. We have various approval and have supplied parts in thousands per week. We maintain dimensional tolerance Of Precision Actuator Diaphragm to ±0.02mm. Diaphragms for various applications have been developed. For control valves, we have cleared tests Of 2 million cycles at 6 bar pressure.

    We specialize in the manufacture of rubber diaphragms for valves and actuators and invest our attention to detail in the material. Our variety in the production of diaphragms consists of a rolling diaphragm, silicone diaphragm, EPDM diaphragm, neoprene diaphragm and many more. We ensure that we serve the clients as per their requirements and needs.

    Key Measures:

    • 5 to 10 Million in Life Cycle Test
    • With/Without Fabric Reinforcement
    • Upto 50 Bar Pressure
    • 35% Cost Savings
    • Overnight Delivery
    • Immediate Prototyping
    • Low Temperature for upto -60 C
    • EN 549, WRAS, KTW & FDA Compliant Compounds
    • Range of Materials
    • Upto 750 mm in Diameter

    Rubber Gaskets

    We manufacture PHE Gaskets, Heat Exchanger Gaskets for various OEM’s. We have many custom rubber gaskets in-stock for various models. We also manufacture Viton gaskets for moulds and other applications.

    These rubber gaskets are used in media like Steam, Ammonia, Sulphuric Acid etc.


    • -72°C to high temperature resistant up to 315 degree Celsius
    • Minimum compression set
    • Resistant to impact shocks, vibration, radiation, corona-ozone, infra red, ultra violet rays
    • 35% Cost Savings
    • Overnight Delivery

    Rubber Seals

    Rubber seals are always critical t the function of the assembly and the manufacturer’s products. They are used for fluid control and made out of synthetic rubber or Polyurethane to ensure resistance of high pressure, temperature and volatile media. Our custom rubber seals are compliant with FDA regulations. Our custom rubber seals are used in many industry-wide applications like Fluid Handling, Power Generation, Aerospace, Chemical & Process Industry, Irrigation, Automotive Tier and Foods & Beverages.


    • A vast range of sizes available
    • Tested and approved compounds for various applications
    • REACH, ROHS & FDA Approved


    The Company We Keep

    If you need any industrial solution we are available for you. Contact Us

    Emerson India

    Emerson India awarded Harkesh Rubber for “New Product Development In Short Lead Time in 2018”. The award is in recognition of Harkesh Rubber’s efforts to revolutionize production processes in the rubber industry.

    Sidel India Pvt. Ltd.

    We have been working with you since more than 10 years. During this period your quality & delivery performance found is very good. Even when we arranged a supplier meet in 2012 we awarded you as a best supplier of the year in Bought out item category. Whenever we had any new developments your support was perfect. Overall your performance was very good & we hope the same In future too. We wish you all the best for your business growth.

    Georg Fischer Piping Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    We have been working with you since last 6 years. During this period your Quality, Delivery and Performance found very good and consistent. During the development of new products specially FKM/FPM gaskets, we had very good technical support by your team, and we hope in future it will remain same. We wish you all the best for your business growth.


    Harkesh Rubber

    Harkesh Rubber LLP is a recognized brand for over 35 years amongst all kinds of engineering industries. Thriving on deep rooted product built experience combined with today’s innovative technology, Harkesh Rubber continues to resonate with several market segments for it’s perfect project delivery of precise sealing solutions.

    The company’s unique approach of applying analytics to product development gives an edge to succeed with all types of customized solutions for highly demanding and varying technical market needs. With a leading footprint across the Globe, serving more than 80 clients in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. Thus, making Harkesh Rubber agile to respond to dynamic industry trends and a cult of worldwide innovation standards.

    Our Certification

    Industries We Serve

    Harkesh has 35+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below.

    Fluid Handling

    Vacuum Pumps | Metering Pumps | Feeding Pumps Accumulators | Control Valves

    Power Generation

    Pneumatic Actuators | Regulators | Valves Fuel Delivery Systems | Pressure Regulators


    Fuel Pump | Thermal Actuators | Safety Valves Pneumatic Actuators | Air-Conditioning Systems.

    Automotive Tier

    Brake Systems | Emission Control Systems | Fuel Regulators Pressure Regulators | Turbo Chargers

    Food Beverages & Dairy Industries

    Dosing Pumps | Feeding Pumps | Vaccum Pumps | Metering Pumps | Accumulators | Bladders | Micro Valves | Hydraulic Hammer Drills

    Solar Energy

    Process Equipment Seals | Rooftop Mounting Hardware | Vacuum Equipment Seals | Pads and Bumpers | Spliced and Vulcanized O-rings | Flat Gaskets

    Chemical & Process Industry

    Pressure Regulators | Control Valves | Pneumatic Actuators Heating Regulation Valves | Safety Valves


    Pipes | Hoses | Tubing | Drip Lines | Sprinklers | Sprayers | Mist Emitters
    | Filters | Valves | Pumps

    Oil & Gas

    Gaskets | Seals | Standard & Non-Standard O-rings | Pipe, Tubing & Hose | Sleeves & Rubber Bladders | Washers | Grommets | Connectors, Couplings, and Fittings

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