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Attributed to our orientation towards “focus on finesse” echoes in the top quality of Rubber Diaphragms, Rubber O – rings, Rubber Gasket & Plug that are manufactured since the year 1981 at Harkesh, LLP Industries.


O-Rings are among the sealing classics at par excellence, this product represents highest form of diversity. It’s areas of application are as diverse as its variety, ranging from tap fittings to air- conditioning systems, from the car engine to the dental drill, each type requiring to meet the custom – specifications. Our mastery prevents the appearance of any parting lines thus rendering a seamless complete ‘O’ cross section to achieve precise sealing solutions. Moreover, building the product capable to withstand the high temperatures, be pressure resistant, swelling proof and same time flexible and compatible for all types of static or dynamic environments.

We deploy the tear and trim moulding process for catering to the custom sealing needs of our clients, starting from Orings with parting line at a 45º angle. At present, our facilities stores over ~2000 moulds along with ~ 100,000 rings in a vast range of stock sizes and materials.


Quad-rings, or lobed rings consists of four-lipped seals design that has gained more advantage over the traditional O-rings. The four-lobed design not only provides lower fiction than an O-ring, but also resists spiral twist, due to its square cross section. Quad-Rings are available in a wide range of elastomeric materials and are vulcanized as a continuous ring.

Other Salient Features:

  • Standard & Non – Standard Sizes from 1mm to 2000 mm.
  • Cryogenically De- Flashed
  • Temperature Range from -75°C to +300°C
  • Injection Moulded.


Diaphragm are counted as the most versatile element across all the sealing needs; serving as reliable but flexible separating wall between two component spaces. It has a wide – application across industries like Fluid Handling, Power Generation, Aerospace, Chemical & Process Industry, Automotive Tier, Foods & Beverage that use pumps & compressors, actuators, water reservoirs, hydro – accumulators, valves, regulators and any other such industrial components as a part of their operations value chain.

Harkesh Rubber manufactures both reinforced& non – reinforced types, further classified into:
Convoluted diaphragms, Rolling diaphragm, Flat diaphragm, Plate – shaped diaphragm, diaphragm with inserts.

Our production process is combination of scientific reasoning and tactful acumen, thus, our best engineers are involved right from the curation of material composition to the successful in – house testing and validation. As a result, one amongst the many milestones has been achieving a dimensional tolerance of +/- 0.001 inches and playing as one of the dominant supplier of Gas Regulator parts in enormous quantities of and not limited to 100,000 per month.

FEM calculations are leveraged to optimize the overall development and testing timelines. Entire range of diaphragms are manufactured from compounds certified for use in specific applications in compliance with local & international standards.

Other Salient Features:

  • Low Temperature Diaphragm upto 60°C for sub zero applications
  • EN 549 Tested & Approved compounds for Gas based applications
  • Dimensional Tolerance of +/- 0.02 mm achieved for Actuator Diaphragm
  • Tested for over 2 Million Cycles at 6 Bar Pressure for control valves
  • Skydrol Fluid resistant diaphragm compounds developed for Aero Space applications


Harkesh Rubber holds a strong repute at production of custom rubber gaskets to cover all the sealing needs. Gaskets form an integral component of any solution which requires the confinement of a gas or liquid.

Our company earned a testimony through delivery demonstration for one or the client’s by restoring problems with their OE systems of heat exchange.

Case: The customer had more than nine Heat Exchangers, all of which were due for replacement of their gaskets. Harkesh was successfully able to develop all the nine Heat Exchanger Gaskets within a span of just two months. This resulted significant cost savings and regained faster stability than expected.
The largest gasket was of the size 345mm x 1594mm.

Physical Properties:
-72°C to high temperature resistant up to 315 degree Celsius, Minimum compression set, resistant to impact shocks, vibration, radiation, Corona-Ozone, Infra Red, Ultra Violet rays.

Chemical Properties:
Produces rubber gaskets to withstand the resistant destructive effect of most of the organic and inorganic fluids or gases in any type of application.


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