At Harkesh Rubber, we are adequately equipped to undertake the production of a diverse portfolio of Rubber components, from small Diaphragms and O-Rings with 0.001 inches of dimensional accuracy to large items of up to 2000mm x 1000mm size. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities and stringent QC practices empower us to cater to the most precise needs of our customers with utmost perfection and consistency. Stated below are the relevant details about our processes and capabilities:


The key element of our manufacturing process is Precision Moulding. All the three well renowned processes of Compression, Transfer and Injection are employed to meet the requirements of our customers. At all stages, beginning from Mould to Temperature Control to Timer and so on, utmost care is taken to ensure consistent product quality without any deviation at the time of production. The Moulds are precisely machined using the latest CNC machines, with the correct grades of tool steels, appropriate for different Rubber material. The choice of the moulding process depends on the part shape, complexity and the number of parts to be produced.


Our Rubber mixing facilities include separate lines for FKM (Viton) and other Elastomers. Our in-house mixing process ensures appropriate compounding and formulation for the downstream processes involved. We possess a total of two Mixing Mills and can produce up to 150 Kg of compound per day.


Despite having an elaborate Rubber Test Laboratory in-house, periodic testing at the world renowned Akron Laboratories or Government recognized third party laboratories such as IRMRA is conducted, so as to ensure absolute consistency of our compounds.

Harkesh has all the necessary equipments required to measure the physical properties of its compounds. All information including Raw Material Batch Certificate, Compound Batch Number, Cure Data, etc is provided to our customers on request to ensure transparency and material consistency. Listed below are the details of our in-house testing equipments:

  • Tensile Tester
  • Video Measurement System (Micron Accuracy)
  • Compression Set – Testing Apparatus
  • Rheometer
  • Hardness Tester
  • Cutter Press
  • O-Ring Measuring Cones
  • Lab Oven

Our market leadership is based on our three decade long experience in Research and Development, Material Know-How, Engineering Design and Innovation. The production is carried out at three of our manufacturing facilities and workshops, in and around Mumbai’s closest Industrial hubs.

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