At Harkesh, we manufacture PHE and Heat Exchanger Gaskets to meet the precise needs of various OEMs. We possess a large stock of Gaskets for a wide variety of models. We also undertake contracts for replacement of old Heat Exchanger Gaskets (Please refer to the Case Study given below). Also, we offer Viton Gaskets for Moulds and other such applications. The Gaskets are used in various media such as Steam, Ammonia, Sulphuric Acid, etc

Case Study

One of our customers faced a problem with his OE supplier of Heat Exchanger wrapping up operations. The customer had more than nine Heat Exchangers, all of which were due for replacement of their gaskets. Harkesh was successfully able to develop all the nine Heat Exchanger Gaskets within a span of just two months. This resulted in saving our customer thousands of dollars. The largest gasket was of the size 345mm x 1594mm.

Physical Properties:

-72 degree Celsius to high temperature resistant up to 315 degree Celsius, Minimum compression set, resistant to impact shocks, vibration, radiation, Corona-Ozone, Infra Red, Ultra Violet rays.

Chemical Properties:

We manufacture Rubber Gaskets to withstand/resistant destructive effect of most of the organic and inorganic fluids

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