Finishing of the Component

At Harkesh, we have three methods available for finishing (Deflashing) the rubber components- Tumbling in abrasion media, Cryogenic De-flashing and Manual method using special cutters, grinders and buffing wheels.

The product is placed inside a chamber which rotates at a high speed. The shape of the chamber helps the tumbling action within the enclosure. The chamber is filled in with the product, liquid and a suitable abrasion media in appropriate proportion. This method has been developed using in-house technology and desired results are obtained in a cost-effective manner.

Cryogenic Deflashing
The product is placed in a chamber with suitable media and is turned at a specific RPM. The temperature of the product is brought down to sub-zero level, using liquid Nitrogen. The chamber is fitted with squat impellers which help tumbling with media. The flash becomes brittle and is separated from the product. This method gives excellent results. The selection of this method is opted for depending on the part material, quantity and cost.

These methods are used for very small batches, complex parts where other methods are not practical, and for any other reasons like progressive control on removal of the flash

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