ABOUT THE CLIENT The Client is an established Control Valve Manufacturer from America.   BUSINESS PROBLEM   The vendor who provided the rubber seals for the client for almost 5 decades was acquired by the competition. Since the vendor had to comply to military secrecy, they stopped sharing the information
Since the first one was registered in 1896, it won’t be wrong to say that o-rings were one of the oldest inventions! This ring-like designed loop helps in the prevention of gases or liquids. It is known to be one of the easiest precision mechanism objects ever manufactured and they
The exteriors and interiors of the automotive transit vehicles portray a variety of sealing challenges. In many cases, the o-ring does not suffice as a definite sealing solution, which can prove to be fatal. And that itself cannot be allowed to happen since people invest their trust in automobiles with
The Valve World Expo is the biggest ground to showcase and encounter the experts from the valve industries around the world. It is a one-stop shop that will assemble many great minds and act as a platform to meet proficient valve industrialists who will display their products at a large
Whether it is refineries, manufacturing plants, or pipeline compressor stations, you will find pneumatic diaphragm actuators working day-in and day-out to help run these facilities. An actuator is a mechanical or electromechanical device that converts energy to provide controlled or limited movements.   In order to operate, pneumatic diaphragm actuators

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